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J.L. Prindle A child's life is filled with all kinds of experiences. Sometimes one of those experiences is the seed that grows into a life-long interest or even a career. I had such an experience as a child, and it is that experience that led me to pursue a career in art, starting at the early age of twelve when, due to winning several art awards, I was sought out by various local company representatives to design logos for their businesses. That early exposure to art was the beginning of my journey in the area of art and design, which would lead me through America and Europe and leave me with an appreciation for and a knowledge of design throughout the ages. My most recent journey was to Egypt & Thailand and, in a sense, it was a dramatic culmination of my voyage, though an artist's journey essentially never ends.

J.L. Prindle is a local artist born in the northwest corner of Connecticut. J.L. operates PAPERGRAPHIX Design to Printing, a full service graphic design and printing firm. With over thirty years of award-winning custom design work, J.L. Prindle offers you exceptional graphics services, personal attention to detail, and a keen sense of individual needs, all met with proficiency, accuracy and unique creativity. J.L. Prindle attended Chamberlayne College in Boston, MA and was a high honor graduate of the 1982 graduating class, studying graphic design.

J.L.'s renderings of local natural scenes in her fine art greeting cards, portray the unique beauty of this region's natural habitats. It is the artist's intention to share that beauty as she sees it through a medium that is affordable to everyone.

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